Stellantis and Human Rights

Stellantis is at a turning point as it transitions to a sustainable tech mobility company. With significant reliance on technology and innovation to develop alternative mobility solutions, we are challenged to evaluate and enhance our skills and abilities while protecting human rights.

The preservation of human rights requires knowledge and application by all.  At Stellantis, we continue to enhance transparency and drive accountability on human rights within our own operations and within our complex network of global suppliers. Our stakeholders expect transparency regarding product origins and their related production methodologies, especially where human rights are involved. Prioritizing social and ethical impacts is key for Stellantis to operate as a global leader and earn the trust of our communities. 


We are passionate about adhering to the principles of human rights. Along with our employees and representatives, we have defined a framework of fundamental freedoms to protect our most valuable asset: our people.  As a matter of ethics and accountability, our goal is for all employees to achieve a deeper awareness and understanding of human rights, so upholding human rights becomes integral to how we operate around the world.

The publication of our policies demonstrates our commitment to transparency, accountability, integrity and communication. Our responsibility in preserving human rights is embodied in our three standards, Human Rights Policy, Global Responsible Purchasing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

In addition to the Company's principles, we are also committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations. This is fundamental to the way we do business. To fulfill this responsibility, we encourage everyone to speak up when they observe conduct that is inconsistent with Stellantis’ standards. In line with local legal requirements and in order to incorporate integrity into our day-to-day operations, Stellantis has developed the Integrity Helpline – Whistleblowing Policy.