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Intelligent Vehicles

Software is everywhere and it is changing many facets of our lives. It is also driving an unprecedented transformation in the automotive industry, one that will progressively integrate flexible and customized mobility into our daily lives.

At Stellantis, this represents an opportunity to create even stronger bonds between our iconic brands and their customers, enabling them not only to personalize their vehicle but also to upgrade it throughout the entire ownership experience. For example, through regular over-the-air (OTA) updates, customers will be able to add innovative features and services and keep their vehicles fresh, exciting and updated years after they have been built.

As presented in December 2021, Stellantis has a comprehensive software strategy through which we are reinventing how vehicles are designed, engineered and operated. As we transform to a leading, sustainable mobility tech company, we plan to invest more than €30 billion in electrification and software through 2025 with connected cars on the road increasing from 12 million in 2021 to 34 million by 2030.

Watch the presentation of our software strategy on Software Day 2021

Transforming to a Mobility Tech Company

Over a period of two years, starting in 2024, Stellantis will begin deploying three all-new, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered technology platforms across its four new global vehicle platforms.

Future Proof
Our strategy is structured around developing open technology platforms that will continuously evolve, with the ability for features to be continuously added or upgraded over the air. Improvements to these platforms will also be driven over time by AI.

image of Transforming to a Mobility Tech Company image of Transforming to a Mobility Tech Company

STLA Brain

The heart of the transformation to customer-centric services is the new electrical/electronic (E/E) and software architecture, the STLA Brain. This service-oriented architecture, which is fully cloud integrated, disconnects the hardware and software cycles, enabling the creation and deployment of features and services more rapidly through OTA updates without the need to wait for a new hardware launch. 

In early 2022, we announced a partnership with Amazon that will support the “always connected” nature of our platform with its leading cloud solutions. This will enable use cases like off-loading computing power to the cloud and augmented reality.


STLA SmartCockpit

Built on top of the STLA Brain, the STLA SmartCockpit will seamlessly integrate with the digital lives of vehicle occupants, transforming the vehicle into a personalized living space. 
The STLA SmartCockpit’s next-generation interface offers users a more natural way of interacting with their vehicle based on inputs ranging from touch and voice, to glance and gesture.

Powered by the Mobile Drive joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn, the STLA SmartCockpit will use AI-based applications to deliver a rich array of features and services such as navigation, voice assistance, an e-commerce marketplace and payment services. 
The platform will use Amazon products and solutions that are purpose-built for our vehicles to create personalized, intuitive and brand-specific in-vehicle experiences.

The STLA SmartCockpit Experience
Imagine commanding your vehicle to park with just a glance at an open space and then confirming your choice with a nod of your head. 
Imagine augmented reality capabilities such as the name of a famous monument appearing in the windows as you drive by or the names of constellations appearing as your passengers gaze through the moonroof at night.

Our immediate focus is to bring new content and connected services – such as streaming music, video and games, and remote control features – to existing models. 
Our ultimate goal is to make the vehicle the most wanted, most captivating place to be, even when you are not driving.


STLA AutoDrive

Developed in partnership with BMW, STLA AutoDrive will offer Level 2, 2+ and 3 autonomous driving capabilities which will be continuously upgraded through OTA updates.
We are already selling the best Level 2 solution with semi-automated lane change and we are preparing the release of our first Level 3 solutions.
For Level 4 and above, Stellantis is partnering with Waymo. For more on this partnership, see here.

Ownership and the Customer Experience

These technologies will enable us to transform the mobility solutions we offer, making them even more customer-centric and connected, integrating with the digital lives of customers, offering a rich array of on-board features and services, enhanced safety and security, and enhancing the overall ownership experience.