Stakeholder Dialogue

Our responsibility as a company is to create sustainable and shared value for our stakeholders. Our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and communities expect us to make a positive contribution to the economy, society and the environment.

Exchanges with our stakeholders and social groups improve mutual understanding and our ability to anticipate risks and identify opportunities for value creation, key elements of the Stellantis approach.

To promote environmental and societal innovation, we engage proactively in dialogue with demanding players who contribute to improve our practices and our missions and help us progress.

This serves as the foundation for development of efficient solutions, as these relationships allow Stellantis to identify better and sooner its future societal, environmental or economic challenges. Regular discussions with stakeholders inspire and contribute to the definition of our CSR ambitions.

Maintaining an active dialogue with our stakeholders also enables us to strengthen our own understanding and perceptions while, at the same time, stimulating the public debate on current societal issues.

We engage talents and available expertise in a 360-degree approach when addressing issues. This is the only way to make responsible decisions at both the global and local level.

Freedom of Movement in a Zero-Carbon World

image of Zero-Carbon image of Zero-Carbon

Freedom of Movement in a Zero-Carbon World

In late 2020, Carlos Tavares was interviewed by Politique Internationale in a Special Issue that extends the topic of mobility beyond individual transportation and questions current modes of consumption.

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