Dare Forward 2030

Embracing Breakthrough Ideas to Offer Innovative, Clean, Safe and Affordable Mobility

“We want to have a future where mobility is accessible to all. We are innovating, driving costs down and packaging the latest technologies in all our vehicles, from the most affordable ones to the high-performance offerings.”

CEO, Carlos Tavares

Our electrification strategy is progressing at full speed and, by 2030, we plan to offer more than 75 full-electric models (Battery Electric Vehicles – “BEVs”), representing 5 million units in annual BEV sales globally.

More specifically, we are setting the course for 100% of passenger car sales in Europe and 50% of passenger car and light-duty truck sales in the United States to be BEVs by the end of the decade. For all brands, new product launches in Europe will be BEV only from 2026 onward. And we plan to offer no less than 25 all-new BEV products in the United States by 2030.

We are also a front-runner in hydrogen technology and, late in 2021, we were the first to deliver hydrogen fuel cell vans in Europe. In 2024, we plan to increase our production capacity for mid-size vans and extend this technology to large vans in 2024 with the first U.S. offering in 2025. 

Roll Out of Battery Electric Vehicles

Chart of key milestones in Stellantis rollout plan for battery electric vehicles to 2030 Chart of key milestones in Stellantis rollout plan for battery electric vehicles to 2030

(1) Sum of models in EU and North America is higher than the global total as some models are present in both regions
(2) Based on current assessment of future markets & regulations, assuming conducive public policies (charging infrastructure, purchasing incentives)

To meet these electric vehicle targets, we are continuing to strengthen our battery ecosystem, supported by five gigafactories (three in Europe and two in North America), together with other sourcing contracts, that will contribute to our estimated need of at least 400 gigawatt hours of capacity by 2030.

In addition, we are accelerating development of solid-state batteries that will give our products more range, as well as being faster charging and lighter. We are also working to secure a decarbonized supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide (agreements already in place to support our North American and European operations) and to build a fast-charging network in Europe.

Our comprehensive software strategy is also on track with the deployment of three all-new, Artificial Intelligence powered technology platforms across our four new global vehicle platforms starting in 2024.

These new tech platforms will enable us to transform the mobility solutions we offer by:

  • integrating with the digital lives of our customers
  • offering a full array of on-board features and services
  • providing superior safety and security, and
  • enhancing the overall ownership and user experience

As the global leader in SUVs and together with Waymo, we are also preparing to solve the delivery-as-a-service challenge and offer an autonomous solution for light commercial vehicles. Leveraging this exclusive partnership, Stellantis will deliver the first prototype vehicles for the project by the end of 2022 with commercial use of this technology expected by the second half of the decade.

And, to further pursue breakthrough technologies from the outside, we have set up our own corporate venture fund, Stellantis Ventures. This fund will initially invest €300 million in early and later-stage startups with the highest potential to accelerate innovation within our Company.

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